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      Beyond its unrivalled natural & scenic beauty,Kerala is unique in its own way-Martial Arts ,Art Forms & Performances,Food and Festivals. Traditional Ayurvedic Treatment & Kerala Handicrafts add flavour to complement the uniqueness of this small little province.

  • Ayurvedic Treatments /Massages & Spa

         Kerala is home to the ancient traditional medicinal treatment of Ayurveda,practised from ancient times.Kerala is also home to families that have been using and practicing Ayurveda for more than ten generations,which renders credibility to Kerala Ayurveda.

          Ayurveda aims to restore health by using only natural materials for treatments,such as oil, herbs, and minerals.Ayurveda asserts that every living and non-living organism in this universe is an amalgam of five eternal elements, called Pancha Maha Bhoothas - Air, Fire, Water, Ether, and Earth. These eternal elements reside in the body as three subtle energies that control the body and mind. These energies are called Vaatha, Pithaa and Kaphaa.All diseases stem from absence of harmony between these three energies. Ayurvedic treatments aim to restore this harmony and promote well being, both physical and spiritual.

          We recommend Ayurvedic Treatment centers ,whether it be for a treatment diagnosis / consultation,or for a short massage or Herbal Steam bath.

  • Taste of Kerala

         A typical Kerala feast, referred to as sadya, is spread out temptingly on a clean green banana leaf. And the food is to be eaten with the fingers. Even the dessert, "payasam",is served on the leafy plate. The culinary efforts of the different communities of Kerala come out in distinctly different dishes of great variety.

          While Hindus specialise in delicious vegetarian food such as sambar, rasam, olan, kaalan, pachadi, kichadi, aviyal, thoran and so on,the Muslims and Christians excel in non vegetarian cuisine. The pathiri, a sort of pancake made of rice flour, and biriyani which is a mouthwatering dish of rice cooked along with meat, onions, chillies and other spices are Muslim culinary delights.Christians have interesting recipes to make ,such as an array of fish dishes such as meen pollichathu, fish molee and so on.Kerala style spicy Fish Curry with Kappa (tapioca),Chicken Curry,Chicken Fry & other seafood extravaganzas make Kerala cuisine extraordinarily tasty & delicious.

  • Kerala Arts & Culture

          Kalaripayattu : Legend traces the 3000-year-old Martial art form to Sage Parasurama- the master of all martial art forms and credited to be the re-claimer of Kerala from the Arabian Sea. Kalaripayattu originated in ancient South India,Kalaripayattu is believed to be one of the oldest existing martial art forms in the world.

          Kathakali : One of the oldest theatre forms in the world.Kathakali is a group presentation, in which dancers take various roles in performances traditionally based on themes from Hindu mythology, especially the two epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.A traditional Kathakali performance begins in the evening and continues throughout the night, culminating at the auspicious hour of dawn, when Good finally conquers Evil. Today, however, it has been modified for the proscenium stage, and urban audiences can participate in this ritualistic theatre experience in the comfort of a plush auditorium, within the span of a couple of hours.

         Spend an evening watching Kerala's martial arts specialist doing their "Kalarippayattu" - the traditional martial art of Kerala or enjoy a story from Indian Epics played in the form of "Kathakali". Other prominent kerala art forms include Mohiniyaatam, Ottam Thullal,Koothu & Theyyam.

  • Shopping

          Handicrafts : The itinerary of any tourist visiting the luxuriant backwaters is a big exhaustive shopping list that ranges from the golden border adorned flowing white saree known as "Kerala Settu Mundu", the different avatars of the brass and bell metal lamps (Gods & Godesses in different forms),coir products, colorful wall hangings and bags and the beautiful silver and gold jewelry with traditional designs.Kerala churns out exquisite coir mattresses, painting adorned mats, floor furnishings and a host of other colorful and eco-friendly goodies.The fragrant sandalwood is carved into a host of products, including ashtrays, decorated boxes, candle stands, figures of elephants, rhinoceros and Kathakali dance postures and so on.

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